Responsive website design- Montreal

The technologies are constantly evolving and changing therefore, our businesses need to follow the wave of the Web, otherwise, they will soon be lost at the bottom of the jungle of the internet. your businesses will lose users and customers. The refreshing of your web site with new up to date design or adding small change will be critical for your brand. Your Web Site is your branding it is your image on the web. in our days, many companies are starting to wonder if the redesign of the web site is necessary. Web-marketing services can analyze the situation the gaps between your business goal and your website goals, so they can help you determine the way to get at the top of your competitors.

Why do the recasting of my web site?

During a draft redesign of the web site, you must establish specific goals, you ask why you would need a recast.
Adapt to the era of tablets and mobile phones

fifteen years ago, companies had Web sites specially adapted for Research on a desktop in other words on a computer. today With the advent of mobile devices, the research has declined from computer to mobile and apps. In addition, a web site responsive is becoming an obligation. You will ask yourselves, what is a web site responsive? It is a web site which is adapted to mobile devices; The Scriptures are format readable, the links are easily accessible without having to do a “zoom” screen and the menu is easy to find.

In another word, a web site responsive greatly improves the user experience by its ergonomics. The latter is certainly the most critical element for your redesign of the web site. It is well to have had a click on its web site, but if the user is on a slow site, overloaded, unreadable and little aesthetic, there is a strong likelihood that the latter does drag on point on the web site and leaves to visit the web site of your competitor. So the web is vast and content lot of information and many choices available to visitors who could be a great customer for your business, in the other hand the customer experience is necessary if you want to stay in the race. A web site is like a first appointment, or a date in a good Quebecer, the first impression is crucial.

A not inconsiderable factor of web sites responsive is unequivocal their valorization of positioning by the new algorithm of Google, Penguin. Eh yes! Since 1 May 2016, Google has launched its small spiders to the search for all web sites responsive to the purpose of the benefit in their positioning on the engines of looking for from mobile devices. This said when a potential customer made a search via their mobile phone or its tablet, a site-responsive will have better chances to get in first ranking page and before the web sites which are not responsive. The purpose of this is to encourage the migration of existing Web sites to a platform responsive and to improve the user experience.

A Relooking:

Relooking of a web site is to improve the visual identity, by handing it over to the taste of the day, the content and functions may remain similar. It is not necessarily to offer you something completely different, but rather to renew your image. Furthermore, the functions, the pages, and the content of the web site generally remain the same only the visual aspects and ergonomics will be restored.
This type of recast allows you to give your business an image that distinguishes you from the competition. We all know, the first impression is an important element of our choice. A web site catchy and adapted to your target customer will allow you to be out of the crowd and get benefits and advantage against your competitor.

Change of vocation :

the web sites, formerly seen as simply being a Showcase presenting the company, are now acting as interactive platforms where your potential customers will be able to interact directly with you, as for example through a contact form. Of course, if you want to make the addition of complex features, you have to prepare a plan with an according to budget.
For example, today you can offer online payments for the reservations for hotels and rental cars, you can offer a customer card with loyalty points, a calendar of appointments are also available online, etc. In fact, adding features will allow you to offer your customer an online space more complete and more evolved. The needs of companies are changing with the time and often the addition of features can come in and fill your needs.

Previously, you do notice not necessarily how the web could lead you to the customer. Over the years, we have the actual evidence that the Web is an indispensable tool to go at the front of the potential customer. If you want to start in the referring web, the recasting of your web site is a golden opportunity. The team who will take care of the Recasting can optimize the web site from the beginning and establish a strategy specific to your business goals.


Now that you have established the why of the redesign of your Web site, you need to find a web agency worthy of this work! Who should you choose? time? design? and deadline?

You must choose an agency in the function of your needs and your budget. The timelines may be determinants for you. According to the specific needs of your redesign of the web site, the time required to perform the project can be estimated as a result of the submission of a web agency. Web design can have a timeline of 1 month to 1 year, all depending on the project. Contact us now and an expert will inform you more specifically in relation to the project that you want to achieve.

To conclude, one day or another you will need to face a redesign of the web site. The important thing is to establish a detailed plan for your business goals. You must before any meet the needs of your customers. If you are not certain of your objectives, you can meet with one of our advisors so that it can guide you throughout your project.