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Canibuy Team provides the following content creation services:

Blog posts:

Once we have a clear understanding of your brand, objectives, and audience we get into the more technical aspects of content strategy
Blog posts are specialized pieces of content designed to engage readers, attract links and make others want to interact with your site and/or brand. If you need help identifying blog topics or writing posts, we can manage a host of professional blogging services for you.


Linkbait is content specifically designed to bring links to your Web site.
Some pieces may be designed for an industry journal, a well-known blogger, a national newspaper, or specific social news or bookmarking sites. We can identify a custom linkbait strategy, create the content, recommend on-site changes in preparation for the campaign and show you how to market it.

Optimized content:

Content is good, optimized content is better if you want to rank for competitive keyword sets. We can show you how to optimize your existing content and create additional content that addresses the needs of your users.
If in-house resources are low or you are under a time crunch, we can also take the time to get to know your audience and write content for you.

Authority articles:

We can help you create authoritative resources that establish your site as the “go-to” site on a particular subject, attracting both links and a loyal user base.

Our content analysis & strategy deliverables typically include

We do our homework and pour through your data, your social channels, competitor and industry insights, market research data sources, and surveys or focus groups findings.

Content Audits

Content Inventories

Persona Research

Competitive Gap Analysis

Content Strategy.

Many organizations feel the need to tactically implement an editorial calendar to fill a content quota, but we recognize that without a strong, data-driven content strategy this can be an incredibly wasteful investment.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy Methodology

We start at the beginning with every client getting to know your business, brand, and voice. From there we dive into the technical makeup of your current content, including not just your on-site content but also your library of untapped resources created for sales, customer service, and marketing. We want it all!

Content Creation Services

The content on your site tells your visitors who you are, encourages them to dig into your site and works to establish your company as an expert in its field.


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