How to promote website on Google

Many people have a mindset that promoting a website means getting numerous back links from directories, social networking sites, blogs or opting in for PPC campaign and affiliate marketing like most SEO experts suggest. At one point, these are all necessary steps, but optimizing a website on Google takes a lot more than just getting some back links. Here I will talk about how to promote website on Google. I will speak of the essential points with which you can get clear ideas on what Google suggests to optimize a website and what you can do to reach Google’s expectations from a website.


The first thing I would like to talk about is Google’s Regional Search Engines. e.g.,, ca, and many others. It is essential to decide in advance whether your website needs an international or a regional exposure. It simply depends on your business or service. Google highly recommends promoting your website depending on its service area. If your website deals with regional specific product or service, you should concentrate on promoting your website with Google’s respective regional search engine. The core reason behind this is to bring your website a targeted traffic. Later in this article, I will tell you how you can promote your website in a particular region.

The second basic thing to follow is Google Webmaster Guidelines. No matter how well you have built incoming links to your website, no matter how many entries you make on social networking sites if your website does not follow webmaster guidelines, it is very likely that your website does not rank high enough to appear on the first page of Google search results. Website admin rules contain Design and Content, Technical and Quality Guidelines. There is a simple but prompt list under each category stating recommendations for webmasters. Meeting this criterion confirms that your website is ready for crawlers to crawl through it smoothly. You can approach other advanced SEO strategies after completing this basic requirement.


At last, I will talk about Google Webmasters’ Tools. I encourage all webmasters, and even SEO consultants to use webmasters’ tools. With these tools, you get a grand control of your website for its search engine optimization requirements. Four primary tools are critical in optimizing a website. Here, you can submit a Sitemap of your website which helps crawlers to index all the pages of your website. You can review top search queries and the position of your website on Google search results. You get the ability to set a region or country to promote your website in. And if you have a website or blog that is frequently updated, you also get the ability to set Google crawling rate.

These three ways are the foundation of your website promotion. It becomes certain that your website will be indexed in Google if you follow all three ways. These are the basics to promote website on Google. However, you must perform other advanced SEO techniques to get higher and permanent rankings in search engines. Our SEO experts can provide you with several options to fit your budget on getting your website ranked high on Google. Contact CanibuyTM today  to see how your website ranks.