VibeFoods – Digital marketing strategies

Our custom SEO strategies include technical SEO opportunities, content, usability and more. They also include a set of digital marketing services like social media strategies.

About the company: VibeFoods is a Canadian company founded in 2017 that produces and sells plant-based foods.

The Challenge

VibeFoods’ marketing strategy focuses on educating consumers about the benefits of plant-based diets and promoting its products as a convenient, delicious and affordable option. VibeFoods’ vision is to be Canada’s leading provider of plant-based food products.

The company approached Canibuy with a challenge: how to quickly gain visibility online with a low budget and a brand fairly new on the market? We were honored by their trust, and we were eager to help.

The Result

Guided by its values and vision, Canibuy has developed two marketing strategies to enhance VibeFoods’ online visibility.

First, the team restructured the website to improve its natural search engine optimization (SEO). To do this, it used A/B testing to identify the most effective elements.

Next, we developed a social media strategy focused on highlighting products and values. To do this, we organized contests and collaborated with influencers to share authentic content. We partnered with a number of brand ambassadors, relevant to our target audience and who had a strong presence on social media. We provided them with free products in exchange for promoting #VibeFoods and gain visibility very quickly.

This marketing strategy enabled VibeFoods to rapidly gain visibility and reach a wider audience. Today the website reaches 4600+ visitors per month and the instagram page reached 900+ followers with an incredible interaction rate. Within days, a Reel posted on the page reached 1.3K people, generating 70 likes and 37 comments.

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