Steve Madden Shoes

E-commerce website design doesn’t have to be hard,isn’t it ! — Here’s how Canibuy™ E-commerce Strategy makes the Steve Madden shoes company effective and sell more online.

The Challenge

Steve Madden shoes, a world’s leading Shoe brand distributor was experiencing strong growth across multiple channels however, the brand was experiencing low sales online. This was primarily due to poor visibility on social media, website design and detail pages that weren’t optimized to drive conversion.

The Solution

Canibuy TM conducted an audit of shoe products online and developed an action plan to optimize visibility and sales. Canibuy TM added new product imagery, A+ and video content, and optimized SEO. These improvements allowed the shopper to more easily find the products, understand the benefits and feel comfortable making the purchase. These pages are now the closest thing to testing the shoes in real life!

The Results

Significantly improved visibility for Shoe on Steve Madden shoes online
Google organic search ranking drastically improved, increasing traffic to product pages
Sales growth increased on Steve Madden shoes website by over 400%.

To do this

Canibuy TM used intelligent marketing Strategy and organic search tactics, which allowed us to help these companies ranks highly in Google search.

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