JJ Refinishing – Digital marketing strategies

Our services include a range of digital marketing services such as landing page development and search engine advertising.

About the company: JJ Refinishing is a Canadian company, founded in 1995, that specializes in refinishing bathtubs, countertops, tiles, and sinks.

The Challenge

The company wants to reach customers who need to renovate their bathrooms and kitchens without the expense and hassle of replacement. How can we reach them? What digital marketing strategies would be most effective? Our team was honored to be tasked with this new challenge.

The Result

Guided by the company’s services and needs, Canibuy has developed a marketing strategy to give JJ Refinishing visibility and new leads. The goal is educating consumers about the benefits of refinishing versus total replacement by promoting the values of JJ Refinishing : Quality, Affordability, Convenience.

We developed a landing page designed to launch a Google Ads and Bing advertising campaign, followed by campaign tracking. Check out the landing page.

Thanks to this new landing page, our advertising campaign was a success. Our digital marketing strategy delivered a good return on investment and generated several leads that subsequently turned into sales. Our valued client was pleased with the results, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration next season.

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