How to manage negative reviews on Facebook

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The majority of companies are present on Facebook and deploy their web marketing strategy through a professional page. But what can sometimes be frightening are the famous notices. You know that star rating system from 1 to 5? While this feature has been around for several years, it’s only been a few months since it really took off. But how do you manage these reviews effectively, especially when they’re negative? Discover some simple tips for dealing with negative reviews on Facebook!

The “opinion” tab on Facebook: how does it work?

First of all, you don’t have to activate the “reviews” tab on Facebook if you don’t want to. But your fans, who are your future customers, are likely to be frustrated. Indeed, the social network’s raison d’être is based on free expression!

Next, To activate the “reviews” tab, simply go to your Facebook page, go to settings, click on “edit page” and you’ll be able to set up reviews. Your fans will then be able to give you a number of stars and will be encouraged to leave a comment to complete their rating. These notices will first appear according to their “usefulness”, i.e. their relevance, and only then according to their date of publication. You won’t be able to delete or rearrange them. The average review rating will appear prominently at the top of your page, below the cover photo.

Example: Activating Facebook reviews

Negative reviews on Facebook? Stay calm…

If one of your fans posts a negative review, a bad rating or an unfavorable comment, the first thing to do is keep your cool! There’s no need to get angry, but do react. Don’t let too much time pass between the publication of the notice and your response. This will show the fan that you’re taking their dissatisfaction into account. If you can’t come up with a solution right away, that’s okay. Explain that you understand the problem and are doing everything you can to deal with it. Internet users are not patient. And the longer you keep them waiting, the greater the risk of bad buzz!

And above all, remain polite and courteous, in all circumstances… Here too, you’ll be showing the fan that you’re a competent professional and that you accept criticism. If the advice is aggressive or insulting, don’t respond in the same tone. You can even thank the fan for his candor. In fact, managing reviews on Facebook is the art of diplomacy!

But how do you deal with negative reviews on Facebook afterwards?

Once you’ve managed the public part of the review, invite the fan to exchange views via private message. This will prevent other fans from getting involved, and a simple little problem from becoming an insurmountable one. You can then ask for more details to handle the complaint, inform customer service, follow up and, above all, find a solution.

This is when you can ask them to modify or delete their notice. But it’s better to opt for a modification: the fan can then explain how his problem has been taken into consideration, express his satisfaction, tell you how well you’ve listened to him, and so on. In short, you’ve bucked the trend! If you’d like to find out more about negative reviews on Facebook and get help with your social media strategy, contact our web marketing specialists for a winning strategy.