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100 Queen Street West, Old Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N2, Canada
Detailed Information
  • I’m Rawan, a UGC creator and social media specialist. Having been an in-house creator & influencer marketer for Fancii & Co, I possess a unique perspective that allows me to understand the brand’s vision while empathizing with the needs of creators. I excel at creating authentic videos that generate 100k+ views & 3 – 4 X return on ad spend.
  • I enjoy creating unique hooks and CTAs (call-to-action) for every brand I work with.
  • I’ve had the pleasure of managing a diverse group of content creators to film successful TikTok-style ads and organic content based on my briefs. That’s why I excel at bridging the gap between brand requirements and the creative instincts of influencers!
  • I specialize in makeup, skincare, lifestyle, and fashion-related videos.
  • I am happy to include trending music/Tiktok sounds!

Here are the UGC services I provide:

1. Creating UGC video concepts

2. Filming Tiktok/Reel-style UGC videos for socials or paid ads

3. Voiceovers/talking on camera

4. UGC video editing

I enjoy making engaging + high-converting videos for brands! We’d be a great match if you’re looking for a video creator with the following traits:

  • Confident
  • Natural/Authentic
  • Engaging
  • Relatable
  • Enthusiastic
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$88.00 to $100.00
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All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
All day
All day