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Good day!

I saw your ad on UpWork on needing someone to make videos for you. This is how I believe I match up to what you need.

– I’ve grown 4 TikTok accounts to 110, 20k, 8k, and 7k followers. I say that to showcase my competency in creating engaging content and I’d love to do that for you as well.

– I’ve worked with Sophie Fergie (Youtuber) when she was around 400k subscribers as a videographer and editor

– I’ve also worked with several businesses including Crunch Cup, Ylopo, and Established Tiles to name a few.

– I have extensive knowledge in marketing as I’ve spent over $10k in sales and marketing knowledge and excelled as a Market Manager at My Pho King Dumplings, implementing successful strategies for getting customers for their restaurant! We received each lead for less than $0.50 and each lead was worth $66-$72. I also took professional pictures for them as well.

Here are two videos that I’ve also done with companies with a bigger budget just to give you an idea of the range of videos that I’m able to do.

These are posted as unlisted (not public)

Two Blind Brothers –

Crunch Cup –

Here’s a corporate video I did.


I’ve also been 41 days without food for a documentary and will continue to put in the same mental effort in anything I find important.

Some people may have more experience, more contacts, more resources, but I believe working harder than anyone else gets you further than having any of that.

If you would like proof from anything that I’ve mentioned, I’ll send some over your way!

Whether we work together or not, I’ll be working hard to get where I’m meant to be. I hope to see you there!


– I help businesses consistently generate more customers and revenue making videos, facebook ads, sales funnels, or product photography.


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$50.00 to $100.00
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