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600 4th Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98104, United States
Detailed Information

Hi! I’m Kiana, the confident content creator you’ve been looking for. Let me tell you why 🙂 

As a Leo (yes I’m backing myself with the science of the zodiac), I was born to entertain. With a wit finely tuned by watching hundreds of hours of Friends, my ability to cue laughs is unparalleled by none other than Chandler Bing himself, may he rest in peace. 

For the last five years I’ve been a content creator for small businesses like Quilted Health and micro-influencers like Maggie Antalek. In these roles I  have refined skills including directing, scripting, filming, and editing for social platforms and UGC. Additionally, I have experience in copywriting for formats such as advertisements, social media, web content, podcasts, screenplays, and blogs. Basically, whatever you throw my way I will have done and will be able to figure out!

If you’re still skeptical, take a look at my website or feel free to peruse my TikTok at your convenience.



I’m happy to do a test shoot if need be and I’m available to chat on the phone if you have any further questions. But take it from me – you’re better off not wasting your time because you’ve found your girl and you know it! Looking forward to hearing from you and have a lovely evening. 



Price Range
$40.00 to $100.00