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453 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 1V4, Canada
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With every piece of content, I strive to elicit a feeling and emotion that influences viewer to take action. I take on the character traits, pains and desires that your ideal customer has.

I’ll configure a strategy to quickly communicate how your product/brand is the solution for your audience. I’ll hone in on pain points to resonate and connect with your consumer. I’ll create an ideal life/vision that your audience desires so badly.

Within the first 3 seconds, I aim to ignite a question in your audience that only the video can answer, cliff-hangers, fast moving and exciting content. I’ll ensure the content is visually inviting and leaves the viewers wanting more.

I can’t wait to become a part of your brands success!

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$25.00 to $100.00
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All day
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All day
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