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Certainly our designers and developers can help develop logo designs, creative writing, SEO, social media and digital media marketing campaigns, mobile web applications, websites and many more that are aligned with your industry trends and modalities.

The Challenge

When we met Teresa, the entrepreneur behind Terrymeboutique.com online store, she needed some help putting together an effective business plan and marketing strategy.

Her primary objective was to manage to sell Portuguese handicrafts. To do this, the owner thought it would be a good idea to highlight jewelry and accessories from Quebec artisans, to attract new customers. Thus, it would generate sales, but also make known its original products.

The Result

In order to help her business, our team conducted various marketing tests. In addition, we jointly carried out Google Ads and Facebook campaigns.

Results? The numbers don’t lie! With targeted and effective marketing, we showed Teresa that it was not necessary to make the detour via Quebec artisan products. On the contrary, she could obtain an optimal return by focusing only on her magnificent Portuguese handicrafts. Thus, the entrepreneur was able to refocus her activities and give a showcase to what she really liked.

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