Hernest Project – SEO strategy

Our personalized SEO web positioning strategies include technical SEO opportunities, content, fellowship and much more. They also include a set of digital marketing procedures.
The Challenge

Hernest Project creates pyjamas that women can wear night or day. With the growing popularity of loungewear, the Hernest Project meets the needs of women who want to be able to wear their pyjamas all day. Despite the fact that it meets the needs of the market, the company was faced with the challenge of improving the conversion rate of visitors to the Hernest Project website and to transform the visitors in potential buyers of pyjamas for women. Before September 2020, the conversion rate and website purchases were near zero. Considering that no pyjamas were sold in July and August, successfully generating sales was a considerable challenge. We also saw a very low percentage of organic searches during those two months and there was a low opening rate for their email campaigns.

The Result

In September 2020, through organic search and well-targeted email campaigns, our team was able to increase the conversion rate by 5% and reach an online revenue of $35,446.04 CAD in three months. CanibuyTM managed to make September, October and November successful months in terms of sales and increase direct searches by 40.20%. We also improved the Hernest Project web presence by 50.13% and email opening rates improved by 44.93%. These are significant results that have generated 217 new transactions with an average purchase amount of US $163.35.

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