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There are 7 Phases that we implement when onboarding new SEO clients

Note: Chances are, 95% of companies that offer SEO as a service will follow a similar process. What makes us different is our white hat strategies and proven track record of success.

1: Client Discovery

During what we call “Client setup week” our first Phase is to learn everything about your business.

2: Client & Competitor Research

Now that we’ve gotten to know your business better, it’s time to dive into where your SEO currently is and how you rank against your competition. Additionally, Concept Bureau’s biggest competitor had 53.75% bigger presence on the search engine than them. Ready to dominate their competitors, we helped Concept Bureau discover which keywords they should attack using Google’s keyword planner. Some clients come to us with an idea of what keywords they want to SEO for. For Concept Bureau, he wanted to rank for “mobilier de bureau usagé” However, it only gets searched 50 times per month. Although this traffic could still be valuable, it wouldn’t make a huge impact in their business. Our team did research and recommended them to focus on “mobilier de bureau” which gets searched 1,300 times per month. Something that would make a noticeable increase.

3: Establishing Goals & Strategy

After going through a list of keywords, we come to an agreement on which keywords will help meet the business goals. For Concpet Bureau, it was simple, to increase more online sales. This meant we must focus on keywords that will actually drive sales such as “Bureau ajustable”. Our core strategy helps our clients to increase high-quality content on their websites that ultimately builds domain authority (more on that later).

4: On Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization is the process of coding your website so that it is easily read by search crawlers. If search crawlers cannot understand what your website is about then you definitely will not be able to rank for competitive keywords. It’s critical to use the right html tags such as title tags, header tags, meta tags, etc. This is another big mistake many clients including Concept Bureau’s company made. Their website was extremely visual with lots of images and videos. However, there were little words on the page that actually described what the business was about. Our team spends the first-month making sure client’s websites are properly optimized before moving to the next Phase in our process. We recommend using WordPress sites as it has the most flexibility and easily crawled by search engines. However, we can work with multiple unique web platforms.

5 Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization is the process of enhancing your online presence outside of the pages on a website to improve search results. This helps improve your website’s domain authority. Domain authority (DA) is a 3rd party scoring system on a scale of 0 – 100 which indicates how authoritative a website may be seen on by search engines The higher the domain authority (DA), the more likely you are to have higher rankings than competitors. For Concepet Bureau, our strategy consisted of high-quality content, long form blog, Google ads and social media.

6: Measurement and Results

The journey of achieving SEO results can be rigorous. In fact, people tend to quit at the brink of success (kinda like in the image below). If only they knew how close they were. Many people get discouraged because you can go months and months without seeing any noticeable increase in traffic, leads or sales. And without any prior experience, why should anyone feel confident that results will “magically” appear? What most people do not know is that the first 3 organic listings in Google receive 61.5% clicks, with #1 receiving 33% according to Chitika. So, if you are in the 5th position, you are likely to see very little increase in traffic. YET, very close to achieving results. Our team creates monthly reports that track your progress on the search engines. The goal of our team is to show the progress month over month. To get closer and closer to the top 3 positions. For Concept Bureau, it wasn’t just about growing in rankings but going head to head with their toughest competitors. However, like most #1 ranked sites, they got comfortable. Meaning TS did not continue to optimize for SEO and we were able to compete. Throughout December and February, you can see the constant battle for positions between the two companies that will likely continue in 2017. For Concept Bureau and their team, they were successful by gaining more online market share.

7: Maintenance & New Opportunities

Now as you can see, once you become #1, you have to maintain your spot. Whoever you knock off from the top spot will be upset and make an effort to regain their position. In order to stay ahead, you have to continue to follow the process that got you there. We help our clients not just achieve the results but maintain them.


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