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The Challenge

The Centre Hydromassage Canin was created to provide dogs with the benefits of hot and cold water massages, depending on their needs, to help relax their joints. Before the beginning of our mandate, which started on October 24, 2020, the company was hard to find in the search engines and was positioned on the 100th row. Worst, the Centre Hydromassage Canin’s website was never appeared in the top positions for searches using keywords such as “dog massage” or “dog pool” and was ranked around the fifth page of search results.

The Result

As of November 6, 2020, our team was able to position the company at the top of search engines. More precisely, we were able to position the Centre Hydromassage Canin in the top search results in a very short span of time for the keywords “canine massage”(+32 in the results) and “dog massage” (+26 in the results). These two keywords hold, respectively, the 19th and 11th place in Google Search results. They are therefore two very general but that is very important for a company that offers dog massages. Our team was, therefore, able to help this company position itself on the Internet and therefore increase its visibility for potential customers.

Website – https://centrehydromassagecanin.ca/

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