Be-U Cosmétiques – SEO strategy

Our personalized SEO web positioning strategies include technical SEO opportunities, content, fellowship and much more. They also include a set of digital marketing procedures.
The Challenge

Be-U Cosmetics is a company that specializes in creating customized products for its clients that meet their skin’s specific needs. Since serums have gained in popularity in recent years and are now an integral part of women’s beauty routine, the company wanted to better position its customized serum. Be-U Cosmetics therefore needed help with their SEO in order to position it at the top of Internet search results.

The Result

The clients provided us with a product page as well as an article published in its blog with the title ‘’Why use a customized serum?’’. Our team, therefore, reworked the SEO of those two pages in order to better position the product in search engines. After only a few days, the company was at the top of the Google results using the keywords ‘’customized serum’’. This, in turn, helped to drive more visitors to the website.

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