Canadian Marketplace for Selling Handmade Goods

canibuy artisans If you are passionate about arts and crafts, create incredibly beautiful handmade items and interested in selling online Canada's Canibuy is the place for you! Canibuy is Canada's most popular marketplace for small businesses. simply means 'Can I Buy from Canada'. This is precisely the essence behind the concept of our online marketplace. We are located in Montreal and dedicated to providing our customers in Canada and US with the best online shopping experience, by featuring products and works of the hottest brands, artists. designers in Canada. image-artist Canibuy Crafter Community welcomes talented artists, designers and craftsmen to showcase their creativity, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and bring an aesthetic taste to the Canibuy online marketplace, where conscious shoppers from all over Canada and US await an opportunity to buy unique, intricate and beautiful handmade items by expert, independent craftsmen like you, from all over Canada. Perks of Joining Canibuy Crafter Community
  1. A Virtual Marketplace Connecting Independent Artists To Millions of Customers
Canibuy Crafter Community offers its crafter community members a virtual marketplace, where they are able to showcase and sell their products at the price they like. It's a platform that provides designers, artists, craftsmen with an access to essential tools to support a successful careers within this creative and vibrant artistic community.
  1. A Comprehensive Support Network To Canadian Talent
The aim of Canibuy Crafter Community is to provide a comprehensive support network for Canadian craft and design talent. We help you turn your passion for arts and crafts into a money making business. Canibuy attracts hundreds of buyers and sellers everyday, looking for unique and inspiring handmade Canada items.
  1. An Opportunity To Create An E-Store and Run Online Business Independently
Canibuy with its wide and virtual online marketplace enables independent artists, designers and craftsmen to run their own businesses from home. It encourages them to create their own electronic store on Canibuy, list their beautifully crafted handmade Canada products,  add an impressive seller profile and showcase their work to millions of customers online. Sellers can add their social network links on their e-store to maintain strong customers relations.canibuy-community
  1. Educational Tools and Support Round The Clock
Canibuy provides its crafter community members with all the help they need in setting up their business online. Support Specialists at Canibuy Crafter Community are available round the clock to provide assistance 24/7 to sellers. The staff regularly introduces latest tools and services that make it easier for sellers to manage, promote and grow their e-store and attract more customers.
  1. No Charges, No Hidden Fee
There are many online marketplaces that charge sellers a monthly fee for hosting their e-store. At Canibuy, there is nothing of this sort. Canadian sellers can set up their e-store online and list as many handmade items as they like, without getting charged. If you want to Turn Your Passion Into Business, Join Canibuy Crafter Community Today!
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